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Engineering Services
What’s your next great idea?
We'll Make It Become A Reality!

Many designs start on a napkin,


On the other end of the spectrum, ElectroArt serves companies that are looking for something fesh and/or new for their products.  Read more

may be a simple idea for something new or better. Not all inventors are engineers. Many are just average people with good ideas.  Read more


Our expertise in all aspects of mechanical, electronics and software, lets us focus on our customers key design issues, critical to their industries. This experience helps us unlock value by designing products that rival the competition by improving, transforming and increasing the capabilities of your products with today’s technology.

Rendering & PROTOTYPE 

ElectroArt’s Prototypes are fully functional products using the latest in manufacturing technologies, including Rapid Part printing, Rapid 3D machining, automated metal fabrication, COTS electronics, custom firmware, custom PCB design and quick turn manufacturing. Read more


ElectroArt can serve as your manufacturing agency and handle all aspects of your manufacturing, either onshore or offshore. Through employing ElectroArt’s facilities, your company has no need to purchase expensive manufacturing plant, equipment or machinery.  Read more

together HomePROGRESSIVE ENGINEERING: We believe in aligning your product strategy,with your business strategy to drive your growth. 

If you are looking for a business relationship where you are only paying for time spent on your project, we can help you. We bring to the table over 60 years of experience in product development in electro/mechanical integration packaging.

The New Age workplace evolves by collaborative virtual teams and cross-functional departmental and geographical organization for effective product achievement.

YOU HAVE A VISION: If you need someone just to listen to an idea, our first 1/2 hour of consulting is always free, and we always sign a Joint Non-Disclosure Agreement for your protection. See: Getting Started Page


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